Vision and Mission 2020 – 2025


With your participation, this narrative will be one of the greatest collaboration stories ever told;  please join us in our vision.


We are currently raising awareness and funding for this vision, if inspired to donate or sponsor please contact [email protected]

We are choosing to go national with our new CD entitled HERO 2020~ 2025, Our goal in 2019 is to tour ten (10) cities, deliver 10,000 Harmonic Humanity music Digital Downloads / CD & 5000 Be Love Postcards. ( We acknowledge that hard copy music CD’s are slowly fading and will become a thing of the past due to advancements in technology, so we are choosing to put our HERO album cover on the back of our Be Love Postcards with a Digital Download CODE for the purchaser to use to download the album from either their phone or computer. )

Our goal is to create a sustainable and reliable revenue employment model that the Low income, Veterans, Disabled Homeless man or woman can count on.

That equals roughly $130k worth of jobs in each city, over 1 Million dollars  worth of jobs nationwide for those who are most in need.

11 proven things that happen from

helping those facing adversity

rise up with their own resources.

  1.  Build self-esteem.
  2.  Lessen likely to commit a crime.
  3.  Provide them with the money to eat healthy food and drink clean water.
  4.  Less of a burden on the health care system.
  5.  Allows them the money to buy bus passes so to travel.
  6.  Allows them the money to buy toiletries & clothes.
  7.  If they sell three Be Love Postcards per hour that’s, $15 per hour.
  8.  If they sell three Digital Download music ALBUMS an hour that’s $30 per hour.
  9.  Have them part of a Family that cares about their personal day to day needs.
  10.  Give back to community an empowering message of LOVE and INSPIRATION.
  11.   Make money to shift their circumstances.

While on our tour, we plan to spend 4 days in each of the ten (10) cities.  This Humanitarian Tour will take about seven 7 weeks to achieve.  This is nothing short of logical, humanitarian service.  This is something all truth-seeking media outlets concerned about human beings can get behind, highlight and draw from:  Highlight real action of HOW Non-profits are helping people to rise up with their own resources is BIG NEWS!

What happens when we work with the Homeless?

  •  JOBS:  We give the first 10 Digital Download music  ALBUMS’s and 10 Be Love Postcards for FREE to get started. $150 to get started:
  • Powerful underdog “Hero” stories emerge through the process.
  • Real change
  • Humanitarians in action
  • Real solutions
  • High-visibility with celebrities using their visibility to give us visibility.

Harmonic Humanity will become a National Meme of the homeless effort, an unstoppable display of humanity in harmony while mirroring back to a nation HOW to bring acts of love and service to a nation that’s in HOPE of  transformational heroism from the inside out.

Because of our profit margin with the music Digital Downloads music ALBUMS and the Be Love Postcards is so huge, the homeless can benefit nine (9X) times more than selling street papers.  We plan to personally make direct contact with seasoned non-profits, churches and neighborhood organizations that are in alignment with our mission and create a wonderful collaboration so we can create a win-win with our communities.

Please see our Harmonic Humanity’s Orientation Video page,

listed as a TAB on the front page of our WEBSITE, this Orientation Video will guide NEW homeless vendors to sell, how to be with people, how to dress, how to save money, and what to do while on the streets while asking for Donations.

While on Tour Harmonic Humanity teams we’ll be offering live group orientations to groups ready and hungry for a model that serves them well.

A more advanced orientation will be taught through our hand book curriculum, The Hero’s Gamebook where we teach life skills that will support them in building self-esteem, empowerment and learning about self-love.

The Harmonic Humanity Tour then moves on to the next city.

Our goal is to have videographers as part of our HH Tour as well,  reflecting back the direct impact that our program makes as we move from city to city.  Powerful!

Our Film,

“Ending Homeless in America”

While on the Tour in each city, we’ll interview:

  • Politicians
  • Local government leaders
  • PR firms
  • Local Artist
  • Non-profits
  • Churches
  • Veterans, Homeless, low income
  • Business owners
  • Community team leaders

Charities that  are working on homelessness in each city are invited to join us in interviews,  share ideas, current solutions that they’re providing and more.

Our goal is to bring homelessness center stage:  a stage where we can question its character and examine its identity through film, interviews and transparency.

If interested in seeing the Harmonic Humanity business plan for all of this, please email Director, Joseph Jacques:

[email protected]

We are raising money for:

  1.  Three year of operations for HH.

  2. The production of 100,000 Digital Download HERO albums as well as 50,000  Be Love Postcards

  3. The 2020 10 City Tour / dropping off 10,000 digital Down load music albums and 5,000 Be Love postcards to each city, CREATING A SUSTAINABLE REVENUE EMPLOYMENT MODEL IN EACH CITY.

  4. Filming the Tour / “Ending Homelessness in America”, Interviews with the tops advocacy groups in each city. Interviews with Grammy artist, homeless, business owners, government agencies, street musicians etc…

“One Cape Fits All:  Our greatest weakness is our greatest strength ready to happen.”

By showing that everyone plays the role of a HERO in life, we widen the playing field and reflect back on an heroic worldview to help people help themselves through employment.

Joseph version 1st

BE LOVE POSTCARDS is our new product, a 5X7 postcard.  We provide the first 10 for free equaling $50 in profit from donations, them re buy for 25-cents per. earning $4.75 profit.

Artist:  Justin Marine of San Francisco created this first postcard. Each year we’ll highlight a new Be Love Artist.

We hope this will be a big hit and provide yet another simple, attractive way for those on the streets to earn money that will be their own.

The Hero’s Game Book:

We have produced a book that teaches the homeless to become the “Hero” of their own circumstances instead of feeling stuck in the role of being a victim.  We are gaining trust in our communities and finding that there is robust media support for providing real solutions for homeless people through employment.

Here is what we are finding to be true and it is an effective means to provide information about how to go about a:

Shift in perspective

  • Empowerment
  • Building self-esteem
  • Enhancing lifestyle
  • Transforming worldview through the lens of peace and harmony
  • Relationship to self in contrast to society
  • Heal old wounds that no longer need to direct an old story

Our goal is to provide those that just recently found shelter this cutting-edge transformational education.

For our 2019 Tour, we would like to distribute 3,000 to each of the ten (10) cities as a market test or pilot project with the CDs.

The book features exercises by Jean Houston, Arnold Mindell and James O’Dea, the former President of Amnesty International.

A hero 1 with line

Harmonic Humanity is a group of caring humanitarians gathering organizations, artists, philanthropists, oneness thinkers and human potential leaders to one stage to end homelessness.  By organizing caring citizens, world-class humanitarians, Grammy Award-winning conscious rockstars, conscious movie stars, world-renowned human potential leaders and conscious philanthropists, we have a profound opportunity to enroll millions to this cause of ending homelessness in the United States.

Harmonic Humanity is also building momentum toward hosting the largest Homeless Humanitarian Rock Concert ever produced in the US.  It will be similar to Live Aid (1985) Farm Aid (1985), Sun City, Artists United Against Apartheid (1985), and America:  A tribute to heroes of 9/11 (2011).  Harmonic Humanity believes it is time to bring awareness and resources to the aid of homeless people in America.  The concerts (mentioned above) raised hundreds of millions of dollars for their causes.  Our goal over the next few years is to gather others that care deeply about this mission.  Our goal — and yes, it is an ambitious one —  is an 80% reduction in homelessness over the next 10 years.

Thank you for sharing our vision.  We’d love your help so we can serve those who need it most.

It’s time to change the story.  If you feel inspired by what you’ve read, please join the cast of Harmonic Humanity!  Let’s re-frame and re-write the current exponential crisis of homelessness into the greatest underdog transformational love story ever told.

Joseph Jacques, Director of Harmonic Humanity