We’re excited to get you started on your journey as a Harmonic Humanity Vendor!

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

1. Watch the video
2. No using drugs or alchol while vending
3. Get your picture taken for your badge  (oppional)
4. Get your 10 Hero Albums and 10 Be Love Postcards = $250 worth of revenue.


10 things that happen when buying products from our HH VENDORS.


  1.  Build self-esteem.
  2.  Lessen likely to commit a crime.
  3.  Provide them with the money to eat healthy food and drink clean water.
  4.  Less of a burden on the health care system.
  5.  Allows them the money to buy bus passes so to travel.
  6.  Allows them the money to buy toiletries & clothes.
  7.  If they sell 3 Be Love Postcards & 1 HERO Cd, that’s, $35 per hour.
  8.  Have them part of a Family that cares about their personal day to day needs.
  9.  Give back to community an empowering message of LOVE and INSPIRATION.
  10.   Make money to shift their circumstances.
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Become a Partner, email [email protected]