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15 Tracks

Including Tracks By:

Jake Shaw
Jason Mraz
Michael Franti
L8 BLumer
Blane Lyon
Singing Bear
Hart Sawyer
Sarah McLaughlan
Tina Malia
Gilsey Williams
B Japey
Maroon 5
Ace of Cups
Playing For Change

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“The Harmonic Humanity Hero album is a triumph of the human soul! Featuring Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Sarah McLachlan, Michael Franti, Ace of Cups and more up ‘n’ comers that shine just as bright! dare I say, just as good! The very 1st song on the HERO Album was written by Rocketman, formerly homeless out of Detroit Michigan, an urban Hero that changed his circumstances and found his superpowers as a virtuoso musician.
Rocketman setting the tone for an epic collage of music with a message.”

“The Hero starts with the striving of an individual but ends in the healing of a community” Anodea Judith.


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