Be Love Postcards

A new product for inspiring Veterans, Disabled and low-income Vendors to sell.   The Be Love Postcards feature the artwork of independent artists. We offer the 1st 10 Be Love Postcards for free, then charge vendors 25 cents for each card.  Our Partners make a total of $4.75 on each card. 25 cents goes to production and shipping costs.

Harmonic Humanity has a NEW product for inspiring Veterans, Disabled and Low Income Vendors to sell.   “Be Love Postcards”, We offer the 1st 10 Be Love Postcards for free, giving them a $50 head start, then charge them 25. cents per individual Be Love Card.  So they make a total of $4.75 on each card.  25. cents goes to production cost plus shipping.

We are soooo. Stoked!!

Below is a list of local kind heart’d small businesses in California, Fairfax and San Anselmo businesses / Sponsors that are making an impact for their local homeless in their area.

This is a model for all small towns struggling with homelessness. It allows individual who can sell 4 BE LOVE POSTCARDS in one hour, to make $20 per hour.  REAL CHANGE to meet real needs.

The power and beauty that beams from Justine Marine’s art is magically meaningful and aimed at empowerment, peace and LOVE.  I love this street model, it’s beautiful… Hope delivered from the streets to the people in form of Be Love Postcards for the benefit of their self esteem and good will.

Be a Sponsor of our new BE LOVE POSTCARDS.  We’ll be serving small local towns in Northern CA. Fairfax, San Anselmo and San Rafael.  Dropping off Cards at Churches and local food banks.

10 things that happen from

helping those facing adversity

rise up with their own resources.

  1.  Build self-esteem.
  2.  Lessen likely to commit a crime.
  3.  Provide them with the money to eat healthy food and drink clean water.
  4.  Less of a burden on the health care system.
  5.  Allows them the money to buy bus passes so to travel.
  6.  Allows them the money to buy toiletries & clothes.
  7.  If they sell three Be Love Postcards per hour that’s, $15 per hour.
  8.  Have them part of a Family that cares about their personal day to day needs.
  9.  Give back to community an empowering message of LOVE and INSPIRATION.
  10.   Make money to shift their circumstances.

Card 1. “Peace Fist”

Card 2.  “Spread Love”

We currently have 3 styles for the Back of the Cards

#1 traditional Postcard version. (Coming soon!)

Version #2 (Currently using)

Version #3

Local sponsors. (currently using)

A special thanks to our sponsors in Fairfax, San Anselmo, who see the value in helping our community facing adversity rise up with their own resources.


Be a sponsor: $200 ~ $400 per space, money goes towards ordering more cards.

Local  Sponsors

Thank you for your sponsorship!


A Big thank you goes to all the SPONSORS!  We love you! Because of you this project is happening.


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