Harmonic Humanity’s Mission is to help those living on the streets through inspiring transitional employment, free counseling and transformational education. 

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The Healing project 2024

Harmonic Humanity: Getting to the root of chronic homelessness. Endorsed by: Dr. Jean Houston, Dr. Bruce Lipton & Dr. Thomas Verny

By hosting a National and International study aimed at reducing homelessness, addiction, trauma and mental illness by 50 to 60% over one generation, Harmonic Humanity is embarking on a mission that has the potential to elevate our non-profit above all others. This visionary initiative not only addresses some of the most pressing societal challenges but also holds the promise of saving our nation and our world significant financial resources, all while alleviating immeasurable heartache.

The importance of “The Healing Project” cannot be overstated. Homelessness, addiction, trauma and mental illness are pervasive issues that affect countless individuals and families, causing untold suffering and draining resources. Harmonic Humanity’s commitment to tackling these issues at their roots by focusing on preconception education and prenatal bonding is revolutionary and forward-thinking. Let’s delve into why this endeavor is so significant:

  1. Financial Savings: The economic burden of homelessness, addiction,  trauma and mental illness is staggering. By reducing these issues by 50 to 60% over a single generation, Harmonic Humanity’s project could save our nation and the world billions of dollars in healthcare costs, social services, and lost productivity.
  2. Human Potential: By assembling leading scientists in the fields of human potential, cellular biology, trauma recovery, birth trauma, addiction, and adverse childhood experiences, Harmonic Humanity is positioning itself at the forefront of innovative solutions. The insights generated from this research could pave the way for breakthrough therapies and interventions that empower individuals to reach their full potential, reducing dependency on costly support systems.
  3. Generational Impact: Addressing these issues over one generation isn’t just about immediate relief; it’s about creating lasting change. The ripple effect of healthier, more stable families will be felt for years to come, breaking the cycle of intergenerational suffering.
  4. Powerful and Timely: The “Healing Project” is a call to action, a demonstration that inaction and traditional rhetoric are no longer acceptable. It is a timely and powerful response to the ever-growing challenges we face in our society.
  5. Renowned Support: Having the likes of Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Thomas Verny lend their names to this study speaks volumes about its credibility and potential. The growing list of experts joining the cause underscores the importance and validity of the project.

Harmonic Humanity’s journey to reduce homelessness, addiction, and mental illness is a bold and noble endeavor. It holds the potential to transform not only individual lives but our society as a whole. The “Healing Project” represents a beacon of hope, a chance to heal the wounds that afflict so many families, and a powerful opportunity to make the world a better place. Join them in this critical cause marketing event and be part of the solution to these pressing issues. Together, we can move mountains and create lasting change for generations to come.

Be Love Postcards

High Profit Margins Mean More Impact

BE LOVE POSTCARDS is our new product, a 5X7 postcard. We provide the first 10 for free equaling $50 in profit from donations.

The Be Love Postcards sell for $5.  This product with it’s message of love, hope, peace, courage, strength and love is nothing short of awesome!  What a wonderful expression for the homeless to offer this art of love to the community passing by.

The feedback from our Vendors who sell this is wonderful, filled with stories of people who buy these postcards and them send them to love-ones on the holidays.

Artist: Justin Marine, San Francisco