Vernon Daily receives 100 HERO CDS = $2000

Hello Harmonic Humanity Family,

So stoked to tell you about the amazing efforts of Vernon Daily,  A true inspiration to all other HH Vendors.  Vernon is now on his third batch of HH CD’s.  He has sold 200 so far, raising for him self over $4000.  Now on this day, the Director, Joseph Jacques drops of another 100 a long with “The Hero’s Gamebook”.  He drives from Oakland, CA to Fairfax, Ca to offer the local Fairfaxians the

hero cd

HERO album.

He comments:

“I love selling the HERO CD’s!  When I remind people that 90% of the cars still have CD players, it helps sell the product.  People come up to me that I’ve sold the CD’s to and tell me they love the music, It helps to have Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, Michael Franti and Sarah Mclachlan on the HERO album.  Most people know who those folks are.”  From the sales, I’ve bought a Car, pay rent, buy clothes and give myself the freedom that is my birthright.  I’m grateful for Harmonic Humanity for giving me the opportunity to work this program and look forward to diving into the Educational part of The Hero’s Gamebook.”