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The United States has set a record, but it’s not a good one: there are more homeless students in the nation than ever before.  Many are living completely on their own, without parents or guardians, new data from the Department of Education shows ~ US News

The problem has not gone away. In fact, it’s getting worse.

100% of Harmonic Humanity’s fund will assist students through small grants to help with housing and critical support to stay healthy and in school. This will include homeless elementary, middle school, and high school students, as well as students at select city colleges in the U.S  Donate & take the 50 for 50 challenge.

Exercise The Hero Within You.



( 50-second yoga pose, 50 miles on a bike, 50 sit-ups)

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The Sports Illustrated article (linked above) pointed out that 100,000 of the 1.2 million homeless students in the U.S. are  athletes, in addition to being academic students. This  inspired Harmonic Humanity to tackle the issue with University of San Francisco student / athletes for our first  funding effort.

Special thanks to University of San Francisco President Paul Fitzgerald and USF students who  joined Harmonic Humanity to support the first round of funding this year.

University of San Francisco President Paul Fitzgearld. (above)

Be a part of the solution. Help impact the lives of some of the 1.2 million homeless students in the U.S. struggling to get an education while navigating homelessness.

(left to right) USF Students Eleni Fkiarasm, Sara Staengle, AJ Lovewins, Joseph Jacques, Tim Derksen, and David Irby working together in harmony to end homelessness.

Eleni Fkiarasm, USF student, writes, “Working with Harmonic Humanity, we are carrying out USF’s mission to “change the world from here.”  This is more than a required class for us, but an opportunity to making lasting impacts in people’s lives.  Harmonic Humanity is doing something amazing for the community and it is truly a blessing to be a part of it.   As Gandhi stated ‘“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.'”

Tim Derksen team leader of this class, comments, “USF athletics and Harmonic Humanity are teaming together to help bring awareness to this tragedy so that we can make a difference. We started this fund to challenge the community to donate to this cause, because we believe that everyone deserves to have a roof over their heads. Our team is reaching out for your help to make a difference in the lives of thousands. Your helping hand could be the difference in a kid’s entire life, we hope that you join our cause.

Joshua Smith, writes, “Sports Illustrated has released recently the article “Young, Gifted &Homeless” describing how 100,000 students in America are trying to attend school without having a secure shelter to call home.

The article describes how students are training during the day and after that transitioning to doing homework at the laundromat. The students then buy, what should be healthy, nutrients straight from the vending machine before they have to sleep in small sized cars to get some rest. Now can you imagine having to go to school without a place to call home?

Another inspiration for Harmonic Humanity’s fund came through a powerful new Documentary entitled “The Home Stretch.”  The film, Produced by Kartemquin Films and Spargel Productions and Directed by Anne De Mare and Kirsten Kelly, follows three homeless teenagers as they brave Chicago winters, the pressures of high school, and life alone on the streets.

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