The Dharma Project

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Kary Executive Director of The Dharma Project :

Kary McElroy

Our mission is to provide and teach skills to inmates that helps heal recidivism.  How we accomplish this is through one on one consoling and meditation classes.

The class that we teach is comprised of meditation tools and techniques that assist in Anger Management, stress reduction, transformational education and the ability to Center one’s self to make better choices.

Within the classes we teach an outlined curriculum designed for behavioral modification and self balancing. In our one on one consoling we focus on in depth personalized tools for the client that will enable them to identify the behaviors that are not working for them and causes a life recidivism.

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We also provide a list of resources that will support them upon their release.

My personal background with these techniques have been that of 26 years of study at the renowned Center, Spirit Rock Meditation Center and my teacher Howard Cohen Co-founder of Spirit Rock Meditation Center. Also I taught this class for two years at a homeless shelter called ark of Refuge for homeless young adults 18 to 23 with great success.

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