“Relief” Music CD

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Harmonic Humanity is helping to bring forth an important genre of music called “Conscious Music.” We define conscious music as music rooted in intention to elevate ideas evolved from philosophies and teachings by positive and caring people devoted to healthy and mindful lifestyles. The attitudes and distinctions found in conscious music are often aligned with personal and social awareness, social healing, social artistry, world care, spiritual practice, and LOVE.

Harmonic Humanity – Bringing Conscious Musicians Together

Jason Mraz, Luc & the Lovingtons and the “Freedom Song”

After the release of our first Harmonic Humanity CD entitled Lovewins, Co-Founder Joseph J. Jacques handed Jason Mraz a music CD while attending Jason’s concert at the Berkley Bowl in 2010.  Jason listened to the CD and fell in love with the third song on it entitled “Freedom Song,” written by a Seattle artist / activist named Luc Reynaud and performed by his band Luc and the Lovington’s.

Luc and Jayson copy

Not long after Mraz contacted Luc, the two became friends and ended up touring together, sharing the story of Harmonic Humanity and the work of Free The Slaves, an organization that Jason is passionate about. In 2013 Jason launched his album Love is a Four Letter Word and covered Luc’s “Freedom Song” as the first song, something he had never done before.  Below is a video of Luc and Jason talking about Harmonic Humanity, “Freedom song,” and Free the Slaves at an event in San Diego that Jason organized.

Luc and Jason’s video

For more of an in depth story about Jason and the children, check out this link below, entitled, “Jason Goes to Ghana”, it’s beautiful!


We at Harmonic Humanity understand the power of sharing a good story.  To us, “Freedom Song” is a symbol, a message, and a sign that it’s time for you to embrace your FREEDOM, your passion, your truth, and your heroic journey.  This music is a symbol of what’s possible and demonstrates how a well-written and heartfelt conscious song can travel the world to heal, love, give, and pull the heartstrings of all who embrace its message. Thanks to Jerimiah Alexisis for the footage.

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