Harmonic Humanity Programs

Harmonic Humanity’s music employment programs focus on the three pillars of Education, Counseling, and Employment. We work one on one with individuals experiencing homelessness, offering them powerful tools and support to help them make lasting change.

Be Love Postcards

A new product for inspiring Veterans, Disabled and low-income Vendors to sell.   The Be Love Postcards feature the artwork of independent artists. We offer the 1st 10 Be Love Postcards for free which equals $50 worth of revenue.  Some Distributors charge for their products, some do not, we work within their model so to be in complete solidarity with them.

The Hero’s Game Book

This book provides the homeless demographic with empowering tools to shift their narrative from victim to hero. This book is an anthology of writings from profound leaders in human potential. Inside are exercises from Jean Houston, Arnold Mindell and James O’Dea and the late great Joseph Campbell. These Cultural Creatives have inspired millions to go beyond their unfulfilled, dis-empowering narrative, to a fulfilling story based in success and livelihood.