Our Philosophy

What sets us apart from other charity organizations is that we are actively applying the philosophy that true change happens within. We believe that we are the architects of our own lives. Everyone, men and women, rich and poor have their stories filled with struggle and triumph, victory and defeat. No one, we believe, is ever simply a victim of circumstance, destined to fail and be disregarded. The human spirit is alive in each of us, and we all can be the  heroes of our own story.

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Out of this philosophy, we are co-developing, co-collaborating, and co-authoring “The Hero’s Game Book”, which is a heart-based curriculum of inner and outer transformation taught through the narrative of the Hero’s Journey.  Joseph Campbell once said, “The hero’s journey is a metaphor for transformation.” The first step of the hero’s journey is separation, when the hero of the story realizes that the truth he has been told his whole life is in fact  is not so true. That sets him on his journey to seek the truth within himself and the world.

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“The Hero’s Journey”

Separation:  The Hero disconnects himself from the illusion.

Initiation:  The Hero meets his mentor, and elevates this destiny to a higher level of wholeness and bliss.

Return:  The Hero returns to tell his story to his community, which intern heals the     community.

The intention of this program is to help people find their confidence, their inner voice and outer expression so that they live and thrive in the world. For some people, these are very hard times, but everyone has the potential to rise up into their greatness. The question is HOW. How can I change my life? I have nothing, no money, how could I possibly do that? How?

These three steps are taught by Anthony Robbins, from his book, “Awakening the Giant within”

1.  Raise your standards of what you expect for yourself.

2.  Separate yourself from your own limiting beliefs.

3.  Change your strategy.

Our goal is to heal the wounds created by inner or outer circumstance. We do this through a series of inner explorations, journaling, life-coaching and narrative inner work. Once an individual says “Yes” to changing their own life story, once they say “Yes” to the possibility, then we have them begin their 42 day Hero’s Journey towards redefining and re-telling their story with the direct guide of a  life-coach / councilor.

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