Hero’s Game Book Class

Welcome to The Hero’s Game Book, a book that will transform your life into a new life full of meaning , purpose and heroism.

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This class was created to bring forth your greatest story.

Joseph Campbell reminds us, “The cave that I fear to enter holds the treasure that I seek”

This month long class will take you into multiple caves unlocking your true potential and new vocation that you are searching for!

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The root word of question is ‘QUEST’, here are some questions:

  1.  Are you ready to change your current  life path?
  2.  Are you ready to discover your hidden treasures?
  3.  Will you allow a Mentor to help guide you through your new path?
  4.  Are you open to learn more about your hero’s journey through this book?
  5.  Are you ready for a new adventure/purpose/meaning in your life?

If you have said YES to all of these questions, then you are ready for a LIFE QUEST.  That is why The Hero’s Game Book was written, to bring you to your greatest quest, with challenges, insights, transformation and inner as well as outer treasures.

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Below are 10  next step to bring to our conversation.

  1.  Come ready with the number one thing you’d like to change in your life.
  2.  How would you like your life to be 6 months from now?
  3.  We’ll talk about the context from which you’ll thrive, mainly the outline of the book
  4.  We’ll talk about  your goals.
  5.  What do you really want in your life?
  6.  What do you hate?
  7.  What’s not working in your life?
  8.  How would you feel if you had what you wanted in your life?
  9.  How will coaching help you?
  10.  I am here to provide you with a direction, an accountability coach, a mentor.

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