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When you donate to Harmonic Humanity, each $1 has the potential to become $19 in the hands of the homeless community. Multiply that by 1,000 and you can see how your donations can help those in need in a big way.  $2000 donated = $19,000 in their hands.

Here’s how:

Street vendors buy our CDs for $1 (our manufacturing/handling cost) and resell them on the streets for $20 – keeping 100% of the profit ($19 per CD).

Here’s how your contribution makes a difference:

1.  It helps individuals dealing with homelessness to earn needed money for food, shelter and clothing while promoting financial responsibility.

2. It helps individuals build self-esteem and the confidence to transform while connecting them with the community in a dignified way.

3. It creates awareness about homelessness and promotes amazing  conscious musicians and their  empowering songs.