1/2hr for Homelessness

half hour for homelessness


First Steps.

Back this cause and fund our mission to create jobs for the homeless.. Imagine the impact. from AJ Lovewins on Vimeo.

1.  Get out your calendar and mark off 40 days: July 11th ~ Aug 19th (Start & End)

2.  Get clear with your personal schedule.  Make time in the morning or after work etc.

3.  Any questions email [email protected], put in the subject line “Questions for Joseph”.

4.  Post INDIEGOGO link everywhere:  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/harmonic-humanity-music-program-employing-the-homeless/x/2340021

5.  Post our VIDEO everywhere:  http://vimeo.com/100463673

Here’s how you can help

1.  Tweet -Facebook (copy pictures from our website and paste. Add text, (copy text from website and paste).  Research fax from world-wide web and post up.  Use all Social Media outlets to inform people about Harmonic Humanity Indiegogo Campaign.

2.  Email, tell your friend about what Harmonic Humanity is doing to heal homelessness.  Write people who you know would like to help  and enroll them to help get the word out about our campaign.

3.  Film yourself doing this humanitarian work and post  it on Facebook and other Social media sites.

4.  Contact other organizations that you’d feel would benefit by knowing what we do.

5.  Get out our Press-Release, email Joseph at [email protected] Use our IndieGoGo Campaign  as the MAIN RESOURCE for educating all of your networks, – or our website use each tab as a link…  ABOUT ~ SOCIAL MISSION ~ IMPACT ~ PHILOSOPHY ~ SOCIAL ARTIST ~ SOCIAL HEALER  etc…  We request you dive in and understand our profound direction and let people know what we do and what we are talking about. See who is supporting you as you support us..  https://harmonichumanity.org/supporters/

New Rock Star collage large but small copy

We request that you run with this and make it your own.  We say go for it!  Contact people who you feel can really help us raise money, tell your friends, enroll your family, be unstoppable!  Join our Facebook Team Page https://www.facebook.com/harmonichumanity