The Team

Joseph Jacques – Director of Harmonic Humanity

My name is Joseph J. Jacques Director of Harmonic Humanity. My life’s purpose has been to provide platforms for humanity to heal and strengthen itself in profound ways. Harmonic Humanity is a Master Context from which our team of Social Artist and Social Healers provide useful tools, products, and curriculum’s f …readmoreor those that are facing extreme adversity. “The hero starts with the striving of an individual, but ends with the healing of a community.” Anodea Judith

Anthony Bear – CMO

Anthony Bear is Creative Director and CEO of Humanity Media. He specializes in web and graphic design, marketing and branding and WordPress programming. He has also been a song writer and performing artist for several years. Anthony Singing Bear was one of the first musicians to perform in the Seattle Soup kitc …readmorehens many years back and has been a long time supporter of Harmonic Humanity.