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“At the heart of the vision and mission of Harmonic Humanity and its founders is the opportunity they offer each of us to walk in the world like a Buddha, like a Christ, with open hearts of compassion, loving kindness, and generosity.   The result is stunning—an inescapable impress upon us that by combining spiritual practice and social action we become a beneficial presence on the planet for the well-being of others and ourselves.”

Harmonic Humanity is honored to have their blessing.  Their work in the center of our spiritual community helps everybody to see and act upon their heart’s highest choice and deeper meaning.


Harmonic Humanity would like to thank all of the artists who have made this program possible to date. Please visit their sites and listen to their music.

Our latest music CD, “Relief”,  is an expression of love and giving.  We hand-picked each song for many reasons, mainly because it sang directly to the heart-cause of what relief means to us.  As we offer friendship and love to one another we are witness to a healing process, a brilliant song of communion and sharing, a place where inward values meet outward action for those who need it most. Our reach must exceed our grasp. As musicians we learn to blend energies so dynamically that when the world hears this music the world becomes richer than it was before. Each song on this CD plays its role in the power of that expression, bringing all who listen to a place that allows us to feel free and strong, playful and creative, open and new, confident and courageous, we are Harmonic Humanity.

“By a simple shift in our language

we can shift our consciousness &

experience our dreams as reality”  

Robert Stevens

This “Relief” CD does just that, captures the essence, power and purity of life!  a quenching of an ancient thirst in a time of sustained drought. We are honored to share this message with the world! We need your help.  As heroes in this story, our plot is simple. Share this message of how Harmonic Humanity heals and what we are doing to end homelessness through the power of music and the rhythm of outreach.  As we pair the living beauty of music and humanitarianism with the magical expressiveness of philanthropy, we create jobs, lift heads from concrete, and educate those to take action steps to help themselves.

Artists and their websites:

John Butler Trio:


Manas Itene:  (Spearhead)


Blane Lyon:

Matty & Avasa Love:

The Luminaries:

Luc and The Lovingtons:

Sierra Leon All Star Refugees:

Singing Bear:

J Bless & Ashel Seasunz:

The MakePeace Brothers:

Katie Gray:!bio

Stephanie Scniederman:

Just Us:

Joseph Jacques

AJ Lovewins

Trina Willard:

Human and The Human Revolution:

Don Glenn

Tracy Stone / Rootbox

Timothy Harris:

James Howard Band

Jesse Boleyn:

HH 1

Dear Humanitarians, thank you for sharing your gifts with the world…