Harmonic Humanity provides immediate employment, counseling and transformational education to homeless, low-income, and disabled individuals.


Harmonic Humanity (HH) was founded in 2005 in Seattle, Washington by a formerly homeless man. Harmonic Humanity began as a live music program at a youth shelter & soup kitchen to help inspire and offer support to people in need.

From 2005-2008 countless conscious musicians volunteered to play music and provide outreach to the youth and adults at the shelter.

In 2009, the program expanded to incorporate a micro employment model (similar to street newspapers). Musicians donated inspirational songs to Harmonic Humanity for inclusion on compilation CDs, which were distributed to the homeless for $1, who in turn sold them for $10 keeping 100% of the profit.

The initial program helps vendors of the CDs establish dignity and build self-esteem while connecting with the community in a positive way. Anyone can get an immediate job to help navigate the path to a better life and ultimately full-time work and holistic recovery.

Since 2009, two CD albums have been produced titled “Love Wins” and Relief. A third CD in the series is slated for release in late Summer or early Fall of 2017 to be entitled HERO with A-List supporters including Grammy Winner Jason Mraz and Maroon 5 among others.

In addition to the employment program, Harmonic Humanity has established a free counseling program since 2011, that meets homeless clients where they are (the streets) with certified counselors and life coaches providing one-on-one interactions.

The organization also plans to launch a transformational education curriculum to help provide tools for anyone looking for change to their lives starting within themselves in 2017.

Other educational efforts include a partnership with University of San Francisco and private school Fusion Academy to teach students about homelessness and community service.




Since 2009 Harmonic Humanity has provided homeless, low-income, and disabled individuals with immediate employment. Vendors buy HH CDs at cost at partner distribution hubs and resell them for $10, keeping 100% of the profit. The program fosters earned resources and positive connection with community while helping vendors build self-esteem and dignity.


For the past six years, Harmonic Humanity has been providing free counseling, loving care, donated food and survival items to individuals living on the streets in San Francisco. Through monthly hosted walks, with counselors, life coaches, therapists and caring individuals who volunteer their time, vital mental and emotional support is provided in the field where people in need live.


Harmonic Humanity is developing a workbook to help individuals in
transition learn principles of personal transformation. The book will be framed through The Hero’s Journey model and be supported by leaders in the human potential field, online webinars, support groups and one-on-one coaching opportunities. Additionally, Harmonic Humanity continues to teach high school and college students the value of community service through hands-on outreach events and projects.


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25,000 + music CDs distributed to homeless vendors in U.S to date (vendors earn $8-9 for each sale).

$150,000 in revenue estimated directly earned by vendors from program.

4 cities activated: Seattle, San Francisco, St Louis, and Los Angeles.

Jason Mraz, Maroon 5, John Butler, Michael Franti and Sarah MaLachlan on Team HH, helping spread the word, providing visibility, supporting the cause, creating connections and now with our new CD that will come out either Winter of 2017 or spring of 2018 entitled HERO be on the our new CD, HERO.


1200 counselors, coaches and volunteers enlisted for walks in San Francisco during 2011 – 2017

$25,200 donated in critical supplies:  food, clothing, blankets and self-care items.

2400 + human contacts, 30% counseling with homeless individuals 2012 – 2017


2014 – 2015 partnership with University of San Francisco educating students on homelessness and the value of community service.

Transformational education workbook to educate homeless individuals in development. Publication planned in 2017

Educating communities on homelessness via social media, community service and events. James O’Dea, Jean Houston, Michael Beckwith, Arnold Mindell – supporters.

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Grammy Winner Jason Mraz

“Harmonic Humanity assists in the growth and development of the character and well-being of those living on the streets. I am on Team Harmonic Humanity to help an amazing cause. Join me.”

University of San Francisco President Paul Fitzgerald

“USF students have become very interested in Harmonic Humanity as a way of giving back to the community, and tapping into their passion for justice, with compassion and empathy in a way that is transformative.”

Tarique James (Employment Program Vendor)

“Because of this program and these people, I was able to get off the streets, which I was living on for five years. I believe in them … because they believe in me.”


2009 – 2017

Harmonic Humanity Partnership Opportunities:

$25,000 Challenge Grant

Harmonic Humanity direct service opportunities via programs

Ending Homelessness Documentary 2017 – 2020

2017-18 compilation CD Hero with Maroon 5, Jason Mraz, and Michael Franti

Transformational education workbook for the homeless

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