Vendor Spotlight

Harmonic Humanity’s mission is to support homeless street paper vendors across the US and around the world via our HH compilation CD’s which are distributed to vendors via participating street papers help. Vendors buy HH CD’s for $1 and sell them for $10 on the streets keeping 100% of the profit to help them rise up. In addition, HH takes an interest in the unfolding stories of vendors and strives to support their transformation goals. … Continue reading Vendor Spotlight

John Butler Trio

Wow. John Butler Trio…really? Supporting Harmonic Humanity? Well he is one of Australia’s most notable musician / activists and Harmonic Humanity is on a mission to help homeless people all around the world. John’s song “Used to get High” will be featured on Harmonic Humanity’s upcoming compilation CD “Relief”. See more on John here John’s Charities and Causes John Butler is an advocate of peace, environmental protection, and global harmony. He has supported The … Continue reading John Butler Trio

Stephanie Schneiderman

Harmonic Humanity salutes the humanitarian work of Stephanie Schneiderman. Her song Bianca was written about a homeless woman. Look for her on Harmonic Humanity’s CD “Relief” coming up. WITH A NAME like Stephanie Schneiderman, pop chanteuse isn’t necessarily the first profession that comes to mind. But Schneiderman’s new album, “Dangerous Fruit,” reveals a confident singer boasting a collection of torchy techno pop in the vein of Zero 7 or Morcheeba. On her sixth solo album, … Continue reading Stephanie Schneiderman

The Luminaries

Lu·mi·nary: noun 1. a body or conduit that gives light 2. a person who is an inspiration to others Harmonic Humanity would like to thank “The Luminaries”. The Luminaries are a 7 piece conscious hip hop band from Venice, CA that are here to shine the light, and serve the world through their music. They bring such an amazing live show filled with messages of peace, love, and unity that inspire audiences to dance and … Continue reading The Luminaries

Article in Commonground

Common Ground Article (Read Common Ground Magazine’s JUNE 2010 ISSUE)  Harmonic Humanity and Harmony Festival create a powerful partnership in support of America’s homeless.

Singing Bear

Singing Bear from The Marin Renaissance on Vimeo. Anthony Singing Bear is a passionate and committed musician who, along with his band “The Msytics”, has supported social causes nationally. The band has also supported Harmonic Humanity’s vision of helping the homeless from the beginning. Anthony has performed on the steps of City hall in Seattle at a protest for the homeless, headlined a fundraiser in 2009 to raise money for the CD project and continues … Continue reading Singing Bear

Luc and the Lovingtons

Luc Reynaud of Luc and the Lovington’s has donated music to the cause and been an active supporter of individuals experiencing homelessness. He is an amazing conscious artist and activist with depth and soul and a will to heal others with his gifts. Luc Reynaud and his band Luc and the Lovingtons can be found at their web site. As a result of Luc’s involvement in Harmonic Humanity, Jason Mraz was introduced to his song … Continue reading Luc and the Lovingtons

Street Papers Sound Off

Harmonic Humanity is proud  to be working with Street Papers on our music compilation project. Street Papers create opportunities for individuals facing homelessness, poverty, joblessness, disabilities and more. They are a great alternative to crime, prostitution  and drug dealing and are a way to connect community a way that is positive a share issues that are relevant. Thanks to the Street Papers and all of those who make and sell them! In the United States … Continue reading Street Papers Sound Off

How you can help.

Harmonic Humanity’s CD project has transformed the lives of people in need in tangible ways. We are asking for your support to help us continue our mission. Please send donations to Harmonic Humanity via at Contact us directly to find out more. 415-488-5505 Your money can help someone get off the streets and onto brighter days like Tariq who now lives in subsidized housing because he was able to pay for his deposit … Continue reading How you can help.

Vol 1 – Love Wins

CD Vol 1 “Love Wins” was an amazing collaboration between both housed and un-housed musicians come together to create a product that would both inspire and employ individuals experiencing homelessness. HH recorded tracks in Seattle, Washington, mid-winter at Columbia City Theater Studios. The project was mixed by Chip Butters and championed by Chris Cottingham of C2M2 records. Everyone involved had a magical time and enjoyed the spirit of the project and those participating. Speical Thanks … Continue reading Vol 1 – Love Wins