Harmonic Humanity and the Sonoma International Film Festival team up

Special thanks to the whole team at the Sonoma International Film Festival.  Harmonic Humanity hosted a booth.  CEO/Director Joseph Jacques played piano. The baby grand was provided by Kevin McNeely, Executive Director, for the festival. Click here to see the video of Joseph Jacques playing piano at this festival.

March 12, 2016 Musical Benefit Show and Party

Where: Beautiful Loczi Design Studios San Francisco What: Musical Benefit Show / Party Who: Eclectic Line -up of Bay Area Musical Heroes When: March 12, 2016 8pm – 1am In support of the homeless Saturday, March 12, 2016 Be a Hero with us:  The kind that makes a difference in the world and the lives of those in desperate need. You are  invited to a  special evening of music, art, dance and sharing from the … Continue reading March 12, 2016 Musical Benefit Show and Party

Support The Ocean Beach Gathering

Help us keep our sacred community fire going this month and into the future. Because of the large turnout last month and even bigger expected turnout this month, the local parks department is requiring us to get permits and insurance in order to keep our Sunday morning gathering going. Two San Francisco-based non-profits that are actively helping the local community have stepped up to shoulder that responsibility and cover the costs. We are reaching out … Continue reading Support The Ocean Beach Gathering

Buy CDs Now

   1,000 CDs for $1,000    Sell the CDs to the homeless for $2 each; they, in turn, can sell each CD for $10   This provides instantaneous employment for the homeless.   Make the world a better place by distributing high-vibe, conscious music to the world. Below is some supporting content, please review with your team, and share with other non-profits and humanitarian organizations. Thank you for your interest in becoming a Harmonic Humanity … Continue reading Buy CDs Now

Jason Mraz and Michael Franti Contribute to Indiegogo Video

The short video that was expertly edited by Elevate Films in Ojai, CA starts with Jason Mraz’s song “I Won’t Give Up” and the faces of real people living on the streets. A.j. Lovewins and Joseph Jacques have truly founded something powerful in the creation of Harmonic Humanity. Jason Mraz and Michael Franti both came out in support of the video to offer a few words of wisdom and encouragement.  In addition, Jason’s song frames … Continue reading Jason Mraz and Michael Franti Contribute to Indiegogo Video

Half-Hour for Homelessness

Homelessness affects us all. Harmonic Humanity is reaching out to everyone to get involved. The call to action is to Spend 1/2-hour a month helping the homeless. Every day we have a chance to choose how we spend our time. In just a few minutes the direction of a life can be changed.  This month, can you spend 1/2-hour for the homeless? Here  are ways you can help. Donate needed items; socks, shoes, food, toiletries, blankets, bags and … Continue reading Half-Hour for Homelessness

Maroon5 Donates a Guitar to Indiegogo Campaign

Maroon5 has announced that they will contribute a signed guitar to the Harmonic Humanity Indiegogo Campaign which just launched today. The one of a kind guitar will be signed by the members of Maroon 5 and will also be appearing at the event tonight in Venice Beach, CA. The guitar will be available as an auction item to anyone who donates $100 on the Indiegogo campaign. This Campaign will raise money for the Homeless employment … Continue reading Maroon5 Donates a Guitar to Indiegogo Campaign

Jason Mraz, Luc & the Lovingtons and the Freedom Song

After the release of our first Harmonic Humanity CD entitled Lovewins, Co-Founder Joseph J. Jacques handed Jason Mraz a music CD while attending Jason’s concert at the Berkley Bowl in 2010.  Jason listened to the CD and fell in love with the third song on it entitled “Freedom Song,” written by a Seattle artist / activist named Luc Reynaud and performed by his band Luc and the Lovington’s. Not long after Mraz contacted Luc, the … Continue reading Jason Mraz, Luc & the Lovingtons and the Freedom Song

Angela’s Success Story

While working at the Street Sheet office in downtown San Francisco, Joseph Jacques (Co-Founder) met a woman named Jennifer. Jennifer was using our CD project to increase her income while she was in-between jobs. He asked Jennifer if she would consider participating in the workbook that he wrote, entitled The Hero’s Game Book, which provides an in-depth journey into the growth and development of one’s own character. This workbook comes with a life coach that … Continue reading Angela’s Success Story

Employment Education Counseling

Harmonic Humanity’s mission is to provide transitional employment, free counseling and transformational education to those experiencing homelessness. Our belief is that everyone deserves opportunities to change and that change must start within. From our music employment program, to our outreach walks with certified counselors, to our transformational education curriculum, we innovate and elevate working in harmony to hit the mark that is changing lives one day at a time.