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  1.    Pay $1,000 for 1000 CD’s
  2.    Make $1000 by selling it to the homeless for $2,  so they can sell it for $10
  3.   Get people employed instantly.
  4.   Make the world a better place by distributing high vibe conscious music to the world.
Below is some supporting content, please review with your team, and share with other non-profits / humanitarian orgs.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Harmonic Humanity affiliate.  Harmonic Humanity’s CD program  is an  innovative way to teach those in transition, (homeless, veterans, disabled, mentally challenged) financial literacy and empower them to better themselves and the community at large. Harmonic Humanity is dedicated to professionalism, care and education for those on the streets. Over the last 5 years homeless individuals participating in our music employment program have raised more than $100,000 for themselves by selling our music CD’s. The program works.

As an affiliate Harmonic Humanity hub, you will be representing our mission and community.  We have a wonderful and very well tested model that you can use to generate  effective economic and social change in your community.

Below is a detailed summary of what both our organizations will take responsibility for. Please take time to read this to your team and brain storm afterward. We fully acknowledge that our way of doing things might be slightly different from yours. Please let us know if you have any questions and we will work with you to figure them out.

The model below has served the program well, and helped those in need to raise money and awareness, while aiding our teams in maintaining a good inner cultural vibe of rock ‘n’ roll and empowerment while keeping the wheel of good turning for those that need us most.

Our goal with Harmonic Humanity is to be an Open Source Platform (O.S.P).  Like Wikipedia, in that anybody, anywhere, can use our model to help them employ, empower and educate the homeless population in their area.

Can you imagine having your Org. _________________________  / Harmonic Humanity starting distribution hubs all over your area?  Real solutions equaling real change.

  1.  Host a fundraiser

(Name of your Org.)____________________________________ benefit / fundraiser.  Your goal is to raise enough money for your first round of CD’s ( If you want 1,000 CDs to start you’d need to raise $1,000 to cover the $1 per unit manufacturing cost )  You can order as many CD’s as you’d like. To raise this amount of money for a benefit is simple and the process  acts as a win-win for community building.  Any time you bring good people together for a good cause, it’s always profound and generates support and love.

The plan..

  1.  Plan the benefit at least a month or two in advance.
  2.  Make a wonderful flyer, copy and paste any graphic you’d like from this website.
  3.  Harmonic Humanity’s marketing materials.  Rock Stars / Human potential Leaders.
  4.  Use all types of Social Media, FB, Twitter, etc..
  5.  Have a band local band play at your fundraiser.
  6.   Get sponsored by local businesses that support the cause.
  7.  I can skype into your audience and speak.. (You’ll need a projector and online computer to this to happen.

Again, the goal here is to raise enough money to order your first round of CD’s $1000 per each 1,000 units. You decide how many you’ll need.   If you can raise a total of $3000, that makes everything move smoother; printing, ordering, gas money, you name it..  Money is good for the task at hand.

designed for donations

  1.  Outreach

After you place your order and know the CDs are on the way, it’s time to inform the homeless / veterans in your area about this NEW program that your team is hosting.  You’ll then make flyers that say something like, “Would you like to make money doing something fun? Come to (your address) __________________________for an orientation and enjoy FEE PIZZIA and a great way to help yourself to rise up.” Something like that… Have the place and time…. and “Free Pizza” on your flyer, helps.

  1.  Orientation

  1.  Pick a time and location to have everyone meet. (All information should be on the flyer that you hand out.
  2.  Yes, have free pizza, enough for everybody.
  3.  Tell them the history of the program, show the Harmonic Humanity video’s.

Tell them about why you support Harmonic Humanity / Heroism in this context.

Show the first 13:38 sec of Finding Joe (The empowerment part) have a group

Every one here gets 5 free CD’s to start. Worth $50 on the streets, Tell them why.

The CD’s are sold by DONATION, so the local police can not bother you.  It’s says that directly on the CD.

Each vendor must sign the agreement we will provide stating they will not sell the CD’s in a state of intoxication.

I can help with this if you’d like, just simply Skype us into the orientation.


As noted above we also teach the Homeless / Veterans / those in transition, the idea of Heroism, not just through the CDs and music, we use a movie called, “Finding Joe“, a movie about The Hero’s Journey.  This movie will inspire everybody about this mission of self empowerment.

Finding Joe – Hero’s Journey Movie Trailer:

Click on the movie to order from Amazon.

Finding Joe Poster copy

At your fundraiser you can  show the first 13:34 min of Finding Joe to the audience, showing them that you are invested in empowering our community with transformational themes.  Transforming from the inside out, is part of the program.  Please see “The Hero’s Game Book” in your attachments.  (An Open Source workbook that anyone can play to get them thinking about transforming their lives.) Harmonic Humanity will offer this –  It’s a plus if you have access to social workers, or counselors, or life coaches to get them involved in the program. Again we will help you step by step. Just call us and ask.

We are fully aware that this educational part might be a stretch for your organization and you just might want to host the music CD part of this.  Please be open to explore this.  Those on the streets have been physically, psychologically and socially victimized.  If we don’t provide them the transformational tools they will never access the treasure in the cave Joseph Campbell talks about, when he says, “The cave that you fear to enter holds the treasure that you seek”.  Yes, we must be brave and courageous in providing both economic stability and transformational education.  We hope your team can see the value in both.

  1.  Questions

  • What is your infrastructure,  physically?
  • Are you planning to offer classes on empowerment and self improvement?
  • Will you have a computer for the homeless to access?
  1. Review

    Place your first order of CD’s 1000 to 2000, buying them for $1 per and sell them for $2 to the homeless.  The idea here is that your organization pockets $1 per CD sold to cover admin cost and the other dollar goes toward ordering more music CD’s.  This model is circular and sustainable for you, it simply goes around and around for the benefit of your demographic.  Each time you’ll order your CD’s directly from Mixonic CD makers.

 We’ll send you a mock, version of our Street Badges, so they look street-legit.  Also some T shirts and swag. I made this badge in two seconds, I’m sure you can do better..  or I can do it, it’s up to you..  It’s always good to have a graphic artist on the team to make everything you do look good.

boots on the ground 2

As me about the  “The Hero’s Game Book”, for them to check out and play.

the heroes game book

If you have counselors or life coaches to help them with this then great.. If not, it’s good they can play it on their own.. and check in with our website for motivational videos and postings under the Hero / Vendor Tab.  This is my favorite subject, so I love to talk about how we can educate our street culture for success.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.





About Joseph Jacques

Hello All, I'm the co-Founder of Harmonic Humanity, and creator of "The Hero's Game Book", an interactive guide book that will help those on the streets see themselves as the Hero of their own story, not a victim of it. We are getting ready to launch our Indiegogo Campaign in April and from that raise the funds to start to produce the 3rd Cd entitled, "HERO", publish a book, entitled, The Hero's Game-book, and film a documentary about that heroic journey. I am honored to give my gifts to this humanitarian brushstroke. My role is that of a social healer in the light of Harmonic humanity, I am playing a supporting role in this death / birth, rite of passage, from victim to hero. Thank you great spirit for this grand appointment, I am well suited for the task.

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