Half-Hour for Homelessness


Homelessness affects us all. Harmonic Humanity is reaching out to everyone to get involved. The call to action is to Spend 1/2-hour a month helping the homeless.

Every day we have a chance to choose how we spend our time. In just a few minutes the direction of a life can be changed.  This month, can you spend 1/2-hour for the homeless?

Here  are ways you can help.

Donate needed items; socks, shoes, food, toiletries, blankets, bags and money.

Create awareness about problems and solutions surrounding the issues on social media.

Ask how you can volunteer with Harmonic Humanity aj@harmonichumanity.org

Volunteer at your local program or start an outreach event or walk in your area (ask us how)

Google ways to help the homeless.

We all come out ahead when we make time to help others.





Harmonic Humanity from ELEVATE on Vimeo.

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