Angela’s Success Story

While working at the Street Sheet office in downtown San Francisco, Joseph Jacques (Co-Founder) met a woman named Jennifer. Jennifer was using our CD project to increase her income while she was in-between jobs. He asked Jennifer if she would consider participating in the workbook that he wrote, entitled The Hero’s Game Book, which provides an in-depth journey into the growth and development of one’s own character. This workbook comes with a life coach that would guide Jennifer through new and powerful life themes and concepts. She said, “Yes!”

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The Hero’s Game Book is a transformational guidebook that helps anyone feeling scared, stuck or victimized transform disempowering themes into courage, confidence and freedom. Teachings in the book help individuals to visualize their lives through the lens of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey while offering principles in transformational education that can assist them in actualizing their goals. Through this educational process, Harmonic Humanity coaches and supports individuals embody the role of the hero in their own story. A good friend and life coach Angelina Frost coached Jennifer for 42 days using The Hero’s Game Book.

Angelina writes:

“I love Harmonic Humanity and the driving principles behind it. I believe the client I coached, by using The Hero’s Game Book through the 42 days, benefited in many ways. While we worked together, I saw Jen go from being a deadbeat mom, in recovery not only from drugs, but also from a slew of abusive relationships, not only with would-be lovers, but bosses, co-workers, etc…[sic] Transform into interviewing with multiple jobs, landing at least one of them, engaging a social assistance workshop series designed to support single moms who have to work,[sic] to taking the steps necessary to get her children back into her life. I do believe that others could benefit from having access to the [sic] The Hero’s Game Book, indeed, and would recommend it for those to better their lives and strengthen their hearts.”

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