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Harmonic Humanity’s mission is to provide transitional employment, free counseling and transformational education to those experiencing homelessness. Our belief is that everyone deserves opportunities to change and that change must start within. From our music employment program, to our outreach walks with certified counselors, to our transformational education curriculum, we innovate and elevate working in harmony to hit the mark that is changing lives one day at a time.

About Joseph Jacques

Hello All, I'm the co-Founder of Harmonic Humanity, and creator of "The Hero's Game Book", an interactive guide book that will help those on the streets see themselves as the Hero of their own story, not a victim of it. We are getting ready to launch our Indiegogo Campaign in April and from that raise the funds to start to produce the 3rd Cd entitled, "HERO", publish a book, entitled, The Hero's Game-book, and film a documentary about that heroic journey. I am honored to give my gifts to this humanitarian brushstroke. My role is that of a social healer in the light of Harmonic humanity, I am playing a supporting role in this death / birth, rite of passage, from victim to hero. Thank you great spirit for this grand appointment, I am well suited for the task.

2 thoughts on “Employment Education Counseling

  1. Greetings Joseph Jacques,
    Congratulations on the launch of your IndieGoGo Campaign…!
    I met you tonight in Venice through Dee Lewis.
    Drop me a line, and I will forward that email for Harold.
    Onward and Upward for all of Harmonic Humanity,

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