Vol 2. CD “Relief” and “The Hero’s Game Book”

We are very proud of our latest CD “RELIEF”  and the development of a new WORK-BOOK of life skills and transformational teachings by greats in the human potential movement. The work-book will be called “The Hero’s Game Book” and be part of our overall  program to help the homeless not only gain critical resources to live, but change as well, starting within. Please join us for this exciting journey as we continue moving forward with the production of our 3rd CD in 2013 entitled “HERO”  and as we produce more behind the scenes documentation of what it looks like to change world one Hero at a time.



  • John Butler Trio
  • SOJA
  • Luminaries
  • JBless and Seasunz
  • Singing Bear
  • Manas Itene
  • Avasa & Matty Love
  • The Makepeace Brothers
  • Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars
  • Katie Grey
  • Luc and the Lovingtons
  • Eyezon
  • Fishbone
  • Stephanie Schneiderman
  • Blane Lyon
  • Just us
  • and Muhammad Muwakil